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Efisio Gigliotti
Efisio Gigliotti
About Efisio
A Manufacturing specialist with in depth exposure of business analysis for decision making. Armed with state of arts of Analytical Methods for Operational Research, my main focus is to minimize the cost of your product, maximizing the value for your customer and the perception of it.
Areas Covered
Nation Wide

Having worked in International business environments, in my last 10 years’ experience I developed a unique receipt for enabling changes using data, used mainly in the improvement of operations performance and introduction of new products.

I have hands-on experience at corporate level in delivering improvements of KPIs and cost saving projects through Lean Manufacturing best practises. I tailored these expertises from the Aerospace and Avionics sectors to the SMEs.

For the high tech start-ups and competitive businesses, I provide an efficient route for the Introduction of New Products to their markets using best practises in Strategic Product Management and Project Management.

Efisio can help you with these problems:-
  Lean Manufacturing  New Product Introduction
  Operations Management  Operations Research
  Startups  Strategic Product Management
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