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Training Course Broker LtdTraining Course Broker Ltd is wholly owned and operated by us

Compare Training Providers and Qualifications - Book on-line in just 4 clicks!

We have owned and operated Training Course Broker Ltd since 2017. At any given time there are over 5,000 training events being advertised.

Training Course Broker Ltd is an independent resource whose aim is to assist students in finding good quality training. We do NOT deliver any training and are NOT associated with any accrediting body. Courses are delivered by accredited training providers.

Many of the courses are delivered via Zoom, in classroom, by distance learning and in your workplace.

  • 1,000's of events
  • 100's of training providers
  • 100's of locations around the UK
  • All training providers are fully accredited by the respective accrediting bodies
  • True like for like comparison between training providers
  • On-line booking

Training Course Broker Ltd has won a Best Resource Award for three years running.

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